La Palma

La Palma is a Volcanic Island anchored in the Atlantic Ocean with many different views and divers places.

It´s next to the tropic but the temperatura is well balanced (18ºC - 23ºC)by the Alisios oceanic winds, wich confers to the island the green feature that identifies it as The Green Island.

There are more tan 1000 kilometers of walking paths for visiting La Caldera de Taburiente National Park and 19 other nature reserves along the island. Impressive canyons and clifts where more than 40 endemic plants are gripped to the young stones.

The pine and laurel forests in the north contrasts with the volcanos and extensions of ashes and windyards where is grown the malvasía wine, wich Shakespeare wrote about it centuries ago.

To enjoy the ocean like every islander does, La Palma has many intense black sand cove or Little beaches. Some of them are La Zamora or Echentive, natural beaches right in front of the sunset, in Fuencaliente on a few minutes way from Los Melindros. Other turistic coast places with more services or activities, like Puerto Naos, Los Cancajos, Tazacorte or Santa Cruz. Natural swimming pools in the stone are located along the island, as you can see in Charco Azul, La Fajana de Barlovento, or others that you have to discover.

You can also visit tinny beautiful towns or farmer and handcraft markets in some of them. Have a walk and discover the secrets and patrimony of the two cities; Santa Cruz De La Palma, a good example of colonial architecture and Los Llanos de Aridane, the most populous city.

Place for visit:

  • National Park Caldera de Taburiente
  • Los Tilos
  • Volcanos Route
  • Lighthouse and Saltworks of Fuencaliente
  • La Zamora and Echentive beachs
  • San Antonio volcano  and Teneguía Rock and volcano
  • Many more…